The development of social media altered how authors promoted themselves. Learning how to market a book on social media is crucial. Books are being marketed across all channels. Some of these advertisements are quite effective in raising awareness. Others fall short. What distinguishes between the two is effective marketing. You might ponder how to advertise your book efficiently on social media sites. Because you’re the author, you wrote it. Shouldn’t your publishing and advertising person handle everything else? No. To be successful, you must be part of this process. You are solely responsible for all promotional campaigns if you are a self-published author. Here is to learning how to market a book on social media.

How to market a book on social media:

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1.Create Outstanding Promotional Content:

Most writers believe building fan sites and communicating with the audience is sufficient. It is insufficient. You must be the one to initiate that relationship, which you will achieve with fantastic promotional material produced regularly. Most professional writers need help with knowing how to produce content for marketing goals. You’ve just finished a fantastic book, but you must figure out how to promote it. If you’re having trouble with this phase of the procedure, you may hire a professional writer.

2.Launch an Instagram campaign:

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Kino MacGregor, a yoga teacher with a large following on Instagram, utilized the site to promote her book The Yogi Assignment. She set up a second Instagram account for the book and marketed it on her own account. Instagram provides several options for effective advertising via photographs, tags, streaming videos, posts, comments, and relationships. Make good use of them!

3.Provide a Free Chapter:

Free chapters in nonfiction writing provide profound insights into the overall substance of the material. On the other hand, a free first chapter can be an effective marketing approach for a fiction book.
Spread the word on social media when you offer away a free chapter of your book. So that they may obtain the chapter, ask your fans to become email subscribers on your website. Include tweet this buttons in strategic locations so readers can share quotations and attract other social media users to your book.

4.Post Pictures of People Reading Your Book:

This is another common method for authors using social media to promote their works. When the book is out, encourage your followers to spend a moment with it. Remember that they must use a certain hashtag for you and your followers to view the post. You may use all of these photographs in your Facebook or Instagram stories. This technique fosters a sense of community around your book.

5.Make Use of Excellent Visuals:

Another great way to learn how to market a book on social media is displaying great visuals. Pictures are everything in the social media ecosystem. Color, form, size, and placement are all important design factors. It would help if you found that distinct feeling you will carry throughout your social media postings. When people view a new image, they should be able to identify it as yours. You may need to pay a graphic designer for this, but it will be a worthwhile investment.

6.Make the most of the Hashtag:

The power of putting a # in front of a word is odd. It has the potential to make your book memorable and to create a whole community around it. However, it would be best if you exercise caution when using this strategy; no one wants to see a bunch of useless hashtags beneath a message. Use the Hashtag sparingly and appropriately! You may make a #hashtag using the title of your book or a specific theme from it.
It’s time for all writers to let the world in. Social media provides a fantastic opportunity for self-promotion. A well-planned campaign may help your book gain popularity and increase sales. That’s critical to your career as an author.


I hope you have learned to market a book on social media and will use it accordingly. Social media can easy connect you to you target market.

Jessica Williams

Jessica Williams

Jessica Williams is a blogger, writer, ebook writer, and content strategist. She specializes in the creation and design of content, digital marketing and social media management. Her blog The Writer’s Life has a loyal following of aspiring writers and content marketers.